The Leading Roles

Food Story is privately owned by Jonathan Hamme, Michael Paradise and Justin Randall. Three investors and entrepreneurs with successful business interests in the finance, investment, property and retail markets. With a strong vision and belief that there is a place within the kosher market for a luxury, creative, nimble caterer the three owners actively support the Food Story team day to day and are committed to investing in the business for years to come. 

Matt Rickard is Managing Director of Food Story. Previously at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group and Absolute Taste.  Matt brings to Food Story his exacting standards, his attention to detail, and his creativity and commitment to making every Food Story extraordinary.

Executive Chef David Swann honed his cooking skills under Heston Blumenthal at The Fat Duck. He is respected industry-wide for his culinary perfectionism and his dedication to dynamic menu development. David brings extensive experience of large-scale high profile events to Food Story and our kosher kitchen.

Rabbi Hillel Gruber is Food Story’s Kashrut Director, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and experience from the Kosher food industry.  Proudly working closely with the KLBD, Hillel is fastidious in ensuring that the highest standards of kashrut are maintained throughout the company.

Senior Event Planner, Rebecca Belson, is responsible for leading the planning for each event. She has organised some of London’s most talked about barmitzvah and batmitzvah.  With extensive knowledge and fantastic relationships with London’s most sought after (and a few secretive) venues, Rebecca has privileged access to locations that will unlock the potential of any kosher event.

Operations Manager, Vadim Matus leads our front of house team and guest experience. Vadim brings a wealth of experience with having worked in the industry for more than 7 years. He has an unwavering knowledge and desire for service excellence as well as an ability to train, nurture and lead his team.