Food Story, So Far

An exciting new era for kosher catering has begun; hand crafted events with an extraordinary commitment to beautiful food and service excellence, perfectly served.

We insist that the Food Story service team is extensively trained, selected for their professionalism, personality, service knowledge and their ability to engage with every guest. Whether at a barmitzvah, batmitzvah or wedding, Food Story puts the very finest level of kosher dining at the heart of your event.

Food Story is constantly innovating kosher cuisine by research and development of dishes, recipes and menus to ensure that the quality of our food is at the highest level despite the limitations of observing the highest levels of Kashrut. That is why our guests frequently say they “can’t believe it is kosher”.

The story has begun; promising to be a real page turner our highlights include… 

  • Fresh thinking – the very best chefs prepare inour kosher kitchen, our food comes served with the creative energy that makes it truly stand out from the competition

  • Quality – the best ingredients, the most delightful staff, the most vibrant menus, the most stunning glass and tableware

  • Elegance and style - everyone who works with us is 100% committed to beautiful food served with absolute professionalism

  • Operational excellence – enabling us to deliver absolutely any type of event, in any venue, for any number of guests. That makes anything possible.

Let us create your very own Food Story

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