Launceston Place

Launceston Place has a wonderfully elegant and contemporary feel, with its French grey walls, blue-vein dark wood floors and a welcoming banquet seating.

Adorning the walls of Launceston Place are a series of bespoke artworks from leading contemporary artists, carefully curated by Amar Gallery to complement the ambience of the refurbished restaurant space. 

The bespoke artworks come from leading contemporary artists including Lee Ufan, Julie Mehretu, Howard Tangye, and Romana Londi. Expect to be charmed as soon as you catch a glimpse of our stunning façade, which is tucked away on its namesake street, Launceston Place, in South Kensington.

Launceston Place has its own private dining room, seating up to 12 guests, perfect for intimate dinners. Guests dine in their own private room adjoined to the kitchen.  Alternatively you can transform the restaurant space for any occasions, large or small.