St. Johns Wood Synagogue

St John’s Wood Synagogue is the perfect venue for your special day. Grove End Road is centrally located in the heart of St John's Wood, just off the Finchley Road. This modern synagogue is beautifully maintained and enhanced by colourful stained glass windows.

The hall is flexible for small intimate weddings to larger weddings. The entrance, reception area and synagogue are on one level, making access easy and seamless for your guests.

The Beit Hamidrash is available for the groom & ushers for a Tish before the ceremony, and our recently refurbished Brides Room provides a calm and beautiful space for the beddeken and yichud.

You can choose to have either a blue or white embroidered Chuppah for your ceremony, which you are able to decorate with flowers and candles enclosed in glass vases.